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We mine natural pink salts from the mountains of Himalayas in Pakistan. These salts are taken to our factories for processing and carving. Later, the salt is used to make beautiful salt lamps, animal licking slabs, and salt bricks etc. We sale our products inside the country and export them as well. We believe in quality hence, we make sure that our salt products are 100% original so they can play their role in making the atmosphere better and more suitable for humans as well as animals and plants.

We offer salt lamps in various colors and designs. Our product range has floral, geometrical and animal figure shaped lamps. They come in beautiful colors like white, pink and red. These lamps are used globally for decorative as well as health purposes. They give a soothing touch to the environment which also very pleasing for eyes. In addition to that, natural salt lamps are beneficial for blood circulation and immune system. They absorb positive ions from the atmosphere and make the air suitable for respiration for both human and animals.

At SUMSALTS, we make sure to produce lamps from 100% natural salts from the mountains of Himalayas in Pakistan. We are among the tops most exporters of high-quality salt lamps, salt bricks and animal licking salt in Pakistan. Our buyers are all over the globe including United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Turkey.


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We offer the best salt lamps at most economical prices. We have a vast range of products to best fit the choice of our customer. We care about the comfort, budget and need of our customers hence, we try our best to offer them natural Himalayan salt lamps to be used as decoration or for any other purpose. We have the capacity to deliver bulk quantities at any country in the world. We try our best to make high quality product that can compete in international market. We have best quality lamps for sale. Our customers can place orders via e-mail, Facebook page, phone call or website. We have a variety of sales channels available for our customers’ comfort. We use 100% natural Himalayan salt that has a number of health benefits. They help in increasing blood flow in the body hence maintaining immune system. In addition, they ensure a sound sleep and a peaceful mind. The lamps are made of natural salt which is ideal for increasing serotonin levels in the brain. They are also known for curing asthma problems and allergies. They can also be used as night lamps for a sound sleep. They are for sale on our website with worldwide delivery and customer service. 

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Himalayan salt lamps are also known as decorative lights/night lights or medical lamps. They have a great number of benefits including health, environment and aesthetics.  They are sold all over the world with more demand in countries like United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Turkey. They are made of 100% natural salts from the depths of Himalayas in Pakistan.

About SumTraders

We are manufacturers and exporters of Himalayan Rock Salt, health & beauty products, Marble Onyx handicrafts and minerals. Our services reach to 30 countries at the moment.

We make premium quality salt lamps with our roots in the depths of Himalaya.

Our factory has a capacity to deliver bulk order in short frame of time. Our team work tirelessly to deliver clients’ required product in given time.


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